Point of View to Viewing Point – Listening For Understanding

I first heard this elegant word – “pass off your point of view and set up a viewing point” – from pal and colleague thomas crum. He uses it to explain what takes place once I flow from a positional stance in a battle and begin to have a look at what my partner sees, feels, and believes – a visual and kinesthetic metaphor so easily understood in principle yet so tough to do whilst we know we’re right.

The viewing point. What does it propose? What does it do for us that arguing for our function does not? It appears we will best advantage. But, until we solution these vital questions, it stays difficult to move off a stance and into speak.

What does it propose?

I pass off my point of view after I shift into inquiry, each inwardly with empathy and interest and verbally with reflective, open questions and acknowledgment. When I trade my mindset, i exchange my environment. My warfare partner feels this and can pass, too. One man or woman moving to inquiry lets in for motion to take location wherein stuckness existed before. Matters change. New worlds open.

What does it do for us that arguing for our function does not?

The phrases “viewing factor” conjure a mountaintop with vistas stretching toward the horizon. I see farther and extra sincerely. I breathe, reclaim my marvel and renew my attitude. I discover new records and a experience of belonging to a larger whole. I find it easier to apprehend, yes, and to specific myself as well.

What makes it hard?

It’s cozy to maintain directly to that stance. It is who i am. I really like this tree-certain attitude, thank you very lots, and also you have to test it, too! Why don’t you?

I do not need to peer what you notice, contemplate your beliefs and feelings. I would trade… And that i don’t need to alternate.

Blessings of practice Until i see the benefits of replacing my point of view for a viewing point, i am not likely to move. Perhaps in the end, it’ll be the pain of no longer transferring, of last caught, that finally lifts me off my stance to better floor. Knowing that theoretically it is a terrific exercise is not sufficient. I need to experience the advantages. Perhaps it’ll take a person else adopting my viewing point, turning into curious approximately my beliefs, earlier than i’m able to discover my way into dialogue and experience the effortlessness of genuine strength. It simplest takes one to show the manner.

Point of View - Choosing the Best Point of View